What are your thoughts?   What inspires you?   ...in a well populated land called Los Angeles was a young woman with a passion of art.

Without a doubt one of us needs to take the first step. You know I want something more with you. That’s why you stepped back for a while. But you’ve come back. After I accepted the fact that at least I got to experience you. I thought so many times we’d remain nothing more than friends. Yet every moment we’ve been near one another, you make it clear you want me to take notice of you. You want me to know I’m on your mind. You still have the need to impress me. I put my all in when I want something. My name means courage, and boy am I full of it. Give me a challenge and I’ll make it my bitch. Passion was what triggered us to meet and it still burns.

I’ve initiated the start of the first step. You’ll be speechless when you see what I have in store for you.

— 22 hours ago
#piece of my soul 

I’ve never smiled so much with anyone besides you. And when I see you smile back with that same warmth I give off, I melt. "If you don’t end up smiling while you are kissing someone, you are probably kissing the wrong person."The first romantic smooch helps predict a mate’s long-term potential. I’ll never forget that first kiss. It was planned so perfectly. And came out quite silly thanks to passerby’s. It wasn’t awkward. It wasn’t forced. It was just… right. Complimenting on my rings. Men rarely take notice of them. They all have a story and mean so much to my heart.. I could tell you paid a great deal of attention to detail. I mean, you made sure to chew minted gum to ease away the taste of your cigarette breath. That night you captivated my soul.

— 2 days ago
#savolium  #soul kiss  #piece of my soul 

We’re obviously both terrified of one another. Worried of not having enough time for one another.. scared of getting hurt. I need to take that risk. Especially with you… magic man.

— 3 days ago with 1 note
#piece of my soul